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Print & Design Requirements


If You Submit Your Own Design...

Please Follow The Artwork Requirements Below. For DTG, We’ll need a pdf or png file. For screen print, we’ll need an .eps file. 

If Our Design Experts Create Your Design...

We Got You! Just Sit Back & Wait For Your Design!

Artwork Requirements

Artwork requirements

Providing valid artwork files and print specifications is critical to ensuring your orders are processed smoothly.

General principles
  • Only include what you want to have printed. Do not include extra white space, artwork instructions, or anything you do not want to have printed
  • Provide the highest quality image available. High quality artwork results in a high quality print
Screen printing
  • EPS file
  • Fully vectorized — all graphics must be vectorized
  • All text must be outlined
  • Spot colors — Use spot colors only. Colors need to match one of our 32 Base Screen Print Colors or a Pantone color
  • Separate artwork files when printing on multiple sides of garment
DTG printing
  • PNG file
  • At least 150 DPI for best quality
  • RGB color space — our production process exceeds the CMYK limits and thus RGB is more appropriate
  • Transparent background — ink will not be printed on transparent parts of the artwork file
  • Artwork will be scaled to print specification size regardless of file metadata
  • Separate artwork files when printing on multiple sides of garment

Basics Of Screen Printing, Direct To Garment & Sublimation


Screen printing basics...
Screen printing, sometimes referred to as silk screening, is a form of garment printing in which plastisol-based inks are pressed through a screen onto a garment, leaving a layer of ink on top of the fabric. Screen printing is the most established and widely-used form of garment printing available.

During the printing process, a set of screens (one for each color being printed) rotates around a press in a carousel motion and takes turns being pressed onto each garment.

We require vector EPS files to be submitted for screen print orders.

Direct To Garment Basics...
Direct to garment (or DTG) printing involves an advanced inkjet printer laying ink directly onto a garment.

These prints are generally thinner than screenprints, allowing for more intricate designs and a softer print texture. The full range of color in a photograph or gradients of an image can be expressed.

We require high-quality (150 dpi) raster PNG files to be submitted for DTG print orders.

Sublimation Basics...
Sublimation printing occurs when ink is transferred by heat and pressure to a specially treated surface.

These prints feature vibrant, high-fidelity color and are very durable. We use sublimation printing for our phone cases and mugs, producing accurate results.

We require high-quality (150 dpi) raster PNG files to be submitted for sublimation print orders.

Refund Policy


Our Refund Policy

We make every effort to ensure the quality of our products. As a commitment to our goal of meeting the highest quality standards, we offer a money-back guarantee on garments that do not meet our quality standards.

We will credit your account when any one of the following occurs:

  • Low quality print: the print washes away after a few cycles in the washing machine.
  • Printing error: the design printed is materially different from the order and artwork specifications provided to us.
  • Incorrect print specifications: the size or placement of the print is more than 1.0″ off from the provided measurements.
  • Missing garments: one or more garments are missing from the order.
Filing a claim

To file a claim, please visit and file a claim – Please be sure to include your order number.

If your claim is in regards to a printing error, please include photographs of the error and return the affected garments to us. In addition, if the error involves a print size or placement issue, include a measuring tape, stick, or ruler in the photographs of affected garments.

Upon verification, we will provide credits equal to amount paid for the portion of the order that was incorrectly printed.

Returns without cause

Due to the customized nature of our products, we do not accept returns on products that were correctly printed and delivered on time.


Because orders are processed quickly after they are received, we do not allow cancellations after an order is placed.

Return Shipping

Customers will be responsible for return shipping of products. Jama Prints, LLC or will not pay or reimburse for any return shipping costs.

File A Claim
Filing a Claim

To file a claim, please visit to file a claim – Please be sure to include your order number and nature of your claim.